Here you will find frequently asked questions.


Q: What size ?

A: All Kamado sizes are external diameter. Cooking size will be smaller about 2".   

      1 - 2 persons - 13" Mini. Got side handles. Easy to carry, good for picnics, campings.

      1 - 3 persons - 16" Mini Max. Easy to carry, best for picnics and campings.

      1 - 4 persons - 18" Maxi. From 18" to 26" kamados comes with stands. Not recommended for picnics as to heavy to move around. 

       2 - 6 persons 21". This is one of the most popular size. Ideal for families. Also good size if you planning to do own Kamado table. If you go for bigger size, you will need wider worktop. We heard some stories, when customers bough King and Super KIngs size and had problems to build tables. We recommend to leave 2"-3" front and 3"- 4" on the back. Calculate depth of you table before you buy it!

      3-7 persons 23.5" Most popular size. basically perfect for 2 families and small parties

      3-9 persons 26"  Biggest size. Many customers wants to go for the biggest one, but think twice!  This one is Huge! Before you order it I recommend to pull tape measure and look what you will get. Draw circle of 26" on a sheet of paper just to make sure you need that big.


Q: How long take to assemble it, what tools I need?

A: 30 - 45 minutes. It's DIY job. Basically you need to build stand, add side shelves, handle, chimney and ready to enjoy!  All tools are included in purchase. Manuals in English included too.


Q: What difference of Kamado Joe or other well known brands?

A: Price first. All Kamado grills are made from same material.  Difference are: design of termometer, side shelves, stand, wheels, seals and chimney, Pay attention in kamado shape and pattern. 

Q: I see a lot cheaper options on Supermarkets. Why Kamado Kingdom?

A: Supermarket has policy : "till stock lasts". Will be very difficult to find spare parts or accessories. We have many customers trying to find and fit accessories and spare parts. 

Q: What accessories shall I buy?

A:  It depends. Heat deflector and pizza stone are enough to start with. Maybe divide conquer system. You will realise within few grillings what You need. Every Chef got own requirements!

Q: Do you have Showroom?

A: Not yet. But we are in process to have a small showroom in east London, Redbridge. We will update when it will be open.


Q: How quick is delivery?

A: We ship next working day from warehouse in Essex. Normally takes  3-4 days. We also do local drop off's within 30 miles radius. 


Q: Can I collect it?

A: Possible. Call us to discuss.


Q: Can I Return it?

A: Yes. must be in original package, not assembled, not used. Buyer pays return postage.