About Us

Let's Grill Together

We started to use Kamado Grill 7 years ago, and this was a true game changer!!! Believe or not, regular BBQs are always too hot or too late, most of the time overcooked/burned meat. With Kamado, you just control lower and upper vents to get the right temperature, which, thanks to ceramics, stays constant for a long time!

About us

We created this company because of bad experience with other "UK BASED" suppliers. The Truth is, only FEW Kamado Sellers have their inventory on UK soil, not even talking about spares and accessories. After waiting for weeks and debating with them, we decided to offer a better service. 

First of all, we strive to keep our promises. We respect customers time, means we list only items which is in our warehouse. Our mission is to keep customers happy.
We are UK, Essex based company. UK stock, no waiting time and overseas shipping, all products will be shipped quick no lies no mess around, if we are out of stock you will not be able to buy it. 

Most popular spare parts are in our warehouse, means no ridiculous long shipping time. We can provide from Handle screw to 26 heath bowl within 3 days!


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